Roxy Palace

We’ll tell you a little secret: if you see a huge welcome bonus being offered by a rather small bookmaker, it’s most likely a red flag that the website is not worth your time. Not because it might be a scam – it’s just that they’ll usually ask for way more than they are ready to give away. In other words, huge welcome bonus + small no-name bookies = terrific wagering requirements. That’s why we always recommend choosing a young online casino that doesn’t promise you the moon and the stars – and Roxy Palace is the perfect example to illustrate that!

The Roxy Palace welcome bonus is a decent 100% bonus up to £350, which is the perfect amount to help a newbie get started without putting them through a wagering marathon.
Get up to £350 worth of bonuses with Roxy Palace using this offer. Use the free bet above to register an account with Roxy Palace and get up to £350 in a welcome bonus. Don’t miss out on this amazing Roxy Palace offer!


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