If you’re in the least familiar with the world of betting, you’ve probably heard about Ladbrokes at least once. I mean, they were the official betting sponsors for events like the Nobel Prize Awards and whatnot! If you’re a newbie to this industry, let us sum up everything for you: Ladbrokes is not just an online bookmaker; it’s THE online bookmaker. If you’re considering going into online gambling, you must put Ladbrokes among (at least) your Top 3 choices, as the quality of their services is known to be the best in the world. They have more than 10 million customers but are still open to welcoming each and every one of you. That’s why they offer a rather generous welcome bonus to this day – all you have to do is deposit at least £5, and Ladbrokes will top it off up to £20. Make sure to use the promo code 20FREE when signing up.


We’ll have to confess – Ladbrokes is one of our personal favourite bookmakers, and it’s mostly because of their sports book. An extensive range of markets to choose from, a huge in-play section, great odds and always fresh promotions and offers to spice up your betting experience. If you start getting tired of the sports book, there’s a ton of other options to choose from – casino, bingo, and poker are only a few of them. However, let’s take a look at what the Ladbrokes sportsbook itself has to offer, shall we?

For once, their sports platform is a bit too crowded for our tastes. It’s not that it’s un-navigable, but your eyes are involuntarily getting lost between the in-play section, the bet-slip, and the promotions of the day. However, give yourself a bit of time, and you’ll be a Ladbrokes pro before you know it! You can find all the available markets in a menu under the header bar. In there, you’ll find everything a sports fan might have ever wished for – from big names like football and horse racing to the likes of Speedway and water polo. Ladbrokes take great pride in their range of racing markets – besides horses, you can bet on greyhounds, Cycling, Motor Sports, and Formula 1. A ton of ball sports are available as well – starting from the all-time favourite football to basketball, volleyball, American Football, Baseball, and more. Combat sports are also pretty popular on Ladbrokes, and you can choose from Boxing, UFC/MMA, and Politics. Wait, what? We’ll take the credit for that joke, but in fact, you can also bet on the fate of the Trump cabinet, the next Conservatives leader, the next House of Lords leader, and more. If you’re into non-sportive markets more than you are into sports, Ladbrokes is the place to be, as their selection of events in these categories easily beats up any other bookmakers. The Politics section alone has 10+ markets most of the times, while other bookmakers will hardly have more than 2 or 3. If you’re not that invested in Politics, take a break and go for a TV Special – and this is yet again one of the most interesting markets on Ladbrokes. Fancy guessing who’s going to be the Next Doctor Who or the next character to be killed in Game of Thrones? You’re in the right place! Of course, you can also get the classic Friday Night TV choices as well – From Big Brother to X Factor and all the way to Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, ever thought that you can bet on Movies, of all things? Ladbrokes will offer you this possibility as well. Don’t worry if you missed DiCaprio’s Oscar nomination, you can always bet on the next permanent James Bond or something similar. Goes with the whole gambling-casino theme as well, doesn’t it?

Also, if you’re not that big on movies, you might be into music. And what better way to satisfy your need for competition that to bet on the next Grammy or Mercury Prize winner. Keep your eyes peeled for events in these two categories – they always change with the seasons, and new markets keep popping up.

Lastly, if you’re more into e-sports and gambling, Ladbrokes will let you bet on your favourite video game tournaments, as well as poker tournaments. You can find the upcoming events in the respective sections, but don’t be too scary if there aren’t any events at times. The popularity of CS isn’t dying out – it’s just that Ladbrokes prefer to put in these markets really close to their play date.

However, if none of the markets mentioned above sounded appealing to you, and you’re a quintessential sports fan looking for some good action, worry not – Ladbrokes has over 30 real sports markets you can choose from. They also have an in-play section, as well as tons of event-specific promotions for you to enjoy – and all it takes is a couple of minutes to sign up.


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