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If you’re looking for an incredibly generous online casino that will offer you the possibility to customize everything to your tastes, including the welcome offer, Gala Casino should be the right choice for you. They have three different options when it comes to welcome bonuses, depending on which type of casino games you like the most. Choose between a blackjack, roulette, or a slots bonus! The link above will lead to a 50% matched bonus up to £200 that you can use exclusively on roulette! All you have to do is deposit up to £400 into your account, and you’re ready to start playing with your 50% bonus.

Other Promotions

Gala Casino is probably the only bookmaker out there who offers such a wide range of promotions to choose from. From the very beginning, Gala Casino customers are pampered with free bonuses to suit their personal needs – and the continues on for as long as they stay loyal to Gala. We’ve noticed there’s a lot of confusion on the Internet regarding the Gala Casino free welcome bonus, and we’re here to clarify it for you.

On Gala Casino, you will get to choose your welcome bonus. In order to do that, you will have to opt-in for either Slots, Roulette, or Blackjack. Each of these options will offer you some kind of free bonus. The Gala Casino Slots bonus is a 100% up to £400 bonus that you can use on most slots on the website, including the Slots&Games and Macau Sections. The Roulette bonus is a 50% up to £200 extra cash to try out the 19 roulette games on Gala Casino. And, lastly, the blackjack welcome offer grants you 50% up to £200 to try your hand at 15 different variations of poker available on Gala Casino, including Double Attack Blackjack, Blackjack Super 21, and more. Naturally, the roulette and Blackjack bonuses can also be used in the Live Casino section. The minimum deposit for each of these is Double Attack Blackjack, Blackjack Super 2110, and they shall remain active on your account for 14 days. All Gala Casino welcome bonuses have a wagering requirement as well – and you’ll have to check the terms and conditions page to find out the details.

Now, if you’re a super high roller and cannot be satisfied with such bonuses, we suggest you opt in for the VIP bonus packages. You will still be able to choose exactly what you want, but the bonuses will be capped at £2000 for the first two bonuses, and £500 for the third one. However, you will have to prove Gala Casino that you are indeed a VIP coming from another online casino – just drop them an email with your details at Not only that, but you’ll also be able to get up to 50% free if you deposit on Wednesdays and weekends if you go with the VIP status. Gala Casino also offers exclusive VIP prize draws and cash back options, which are suited to the need of someone who always yearns for more.

The welcome offer bonanza doesn’t end just yet – Gala Casino will also pamper you with a second and third deposit bonuses. The second deposit bonus on Gala Casino will also give you ‘What you want’ – in other words, you can once again choose the perfect bonus for your needs. This time, you will have to opt in when making the second deposit. And yes, you can choose a different Gala Casino bonus this time – you don’t have to go with the same category again. The second free bonus can be either a 50% up to £200 on Slots, 50% up to £100 on Roulette, and 50% up to £100 on all Blackjack variations. Again, the minimum deposit for these is £10. Gala Casino will void your bonus balance if the second bonus is not used within 14 days.

Guess what? Third time is still lucky if you choose to play at Gala Casino! Deposit at least £10 into your cashier again and opt-in for the third and final increment of your welcome bonus. This time, you get to choose between a 50% up to £200 Slots bonus, a 50% up to £100 Roulette bonus, and another 50% up to £100 to be spent on Blackjack. The third and final welcome bonus is also available for 14 days and is bound to a wagering requirement. Consult Gala Casino’s T&Cs (or the T&C tab here on Free Bets GB) to find out the details.

After you’re done spending your welcome bonus, you are ready to move forward in your Gala adventure. The rule of thumb with Gala is to always keep an eye out for new offers and specials. For instance, they will offer free bonuses whenever they get a new game release. It’s a win-win situation – Gala gets to promote the new game, while you get enhanced winnings! There’s also a Game of the Week special, which can boost your winnings even more. Unsatisfied with the current game of the week? Gala Casino will once again give you the word, and will let you choose ‘What you want.’ Choose your favourite to become the next Game of the Week, and get 20% cashback plus double the comp point on that game if it wins.

Speaking of comp points, you’d better keep an eye out for those. You will be able to see and keep track of your Gala Casino comp point balance in your account. Generally, you will get 1 comp point for every £10 wagered, but there are also special cases, such as the aforementioned Games of the Week. After you hit 100 Gala Casino comp points, you can start exchanging them for real cash!
If you’re still hungry for deposit bonuses, just mark the weekends on your calendar – every time you deposit at least £10 on a weekend, Gala Casino can top it off with 25% up to £100. You can also opt out of this, but let’s be serious – who would deny more freebies?

Gala Casino is also known for organizing lots of real prize giveaways and contests. If you’ve been due for an upgrade for your phone, Gala Casino could be your lucky card – all you have to do is download their mobile app and you’ll automatically enter the contest for a brand new iPhone 7 or Samsung S8. Or, if you prefer to buy your own stuff and just get that cold hard cash, why not participate in one of Gala Casino’s monthly raffles? You could win up to £10k if you get really lucky!

As a little conclusion to all above said: Gala Casino is indeed one of the most generous bookmakers on the internet, especially when it comes to free bonuses and promotions. If your only casino provider was getting dull due to the lack thereof, Gala Casino is certainly the place you are looking for, as you’ll always find a special offer that could spice up your experience. Bonus cash, free prizes, raffles and contest, jackpots, and tons of customizable offers await you only on Gala Casino! See if you can find any fresh, seasonal promotions on Gala Casino by clicking the ‘Claim Free Bet’ button above.


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