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Both in the online environment and in the world of high street shops, Gala Coral Interactive Group has unquestionably made a name for itself as one of the best providers of betting, bingo and gambling entertainment in the United Kingdom and, to a good extent, internationally as well. Its representative branch in the bingo business, Gala Bingo, definitely doesn’t bring shame to this name. Even among the wide selection of bingo companies and clubs currently available in the United Kingdom, Gala Bingo is one of the most renowned providers of games & fun. In its over 20 years of activity, this particular entertainment provider managed to reach a peak of over £42 million given away every week as prizes and bonuses.

Having joined the Gala Coral group in 1997 through a multi-million-pound buy-in, Gala Bingo reached in 2000, after just three years under the Gala umbrella, the leading position in the UK bingo top. Moreover, in spite of all the hardships it has been through, including the UK smoking ban in 2007 and the subsequent economic crisis in 2008, Gala Bingo still owns a large portion of the UK bingo market, with over 140 shops and an astonishing 5 million registered customers and over 600.000 people playing every single week in its clubs only – let alone the online bingo rooms. Speaking of 2007, that was a particularly fruitful year for Gala Bingo’s clients: Pauline Clarke, 62, became its first millionaire in pounds sterling.

For players of every age (over 18, of course), every social class, skill, gender and level of experience, Gala Bingo is definitely one of the most, if not the most popular choice in terms of both variety of games and excitement, as well as when it comes to filling your wallet. Most popular among UK players, the 90-ball Bingo is also the main attraction of this provider, both on the online platform and in the high street shops. In rooms like Big Banker, Metropolis, Coronation Street, Country, or Mountain, players are welcome to go for the big jackpot time and time again. There are also plenty of 75- and 80-ball games, such as Interstate 75, 1980 Club, or Area 75, 40- and 50-ball like the Gala exclusive Coconut Island and Bingo Lotto, and even special bingo versions like Rush and Deal or No Deal.

All of these rooms are subject to many bonuses and promotions that you can profit from. For instance, you get £30 for the first £10 you play when you sign up, as well as £25 for every friend you bring with you. And these are just the minimal offers, for both experts and casuals; the real deal comes after you actually become a regular of the club. Win £30.000 every week on the £30K Winners Night, go for the even more incredible £1 Million Giveaway and win up to £200.000 every month, or try a more relaxed approach and fight for a chance to relax on a tropical island with the Coconut Island Holiday competition in the Coconut Island room. Whichever you choose, be sure that it will mean a massive “BINGO!” scream for you at the end.