Tottenham Hotspur Defeats Brighton 2-1

Tottenham Hotspur defeats Brighton 2-1 in the Premier League on September 22nd. Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino commented that the team “needed to feel victory again” after beating Brighton to end the streak of three straight defeats. He also remarked that Brighton is an aggressive team and it would be hard for the Spurs to fight them here, but his team put on a great performance all throughout the game.

Despite the heavy rain, the Spurs seemed to be in their best shape and enjoyed 78.6% possession with a passing accuracy of 92.4% in the first half of the game. Few of the passes brought the ball into the final third, with Kane’s penalty shot sealing the score to 1-0 for Tottenham before the interval.

The game reopened after the interval, and things seemed to pick up for Brighton – but not for a very long time, since the Spurs demonstrated their domination over the ball once again.

The second goal from the spurs was scored by Erik Lamela from a well-executed low cross featuring Danny Rose and Lucas Moura. This seemed to settle the score as a flawless victory for the Spurs, but Brighton’s Knockaert managed to score in the 93rd minute. Although Knockaert did score from a late break, he and his teammates will have to produce better finishing than this if they want to keep a position in the Premier League.

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