Liverpool defeat Tottenham Hotspur in the premier league

Liverpool climbed a level with Chelsea after defeating Tottenham Hotspur in their Premier League encounter on the 15th of September. The Reds managed to snatch three points and retain their lead by a 1-2 score.

Liverpool have won their fifth successive game in this Premier League season, which keeps them 2nd in the league table, ceding one goal to the first-placed Chelsea.

The opener was fired by Georginio Wijnaldum from a header in the 39th minute. It became his first away goal since joining the Reds. They doubled the score in the second half as Roberto Firmino converted from the line in the 54th minute.

Liverpool could have made their advantage bigger be it not for Lucas Moura’s, Sadio Mane’s, and Andrew Robertson’s wasted efforts.

In the late game, Erik Lamela managed to score a consolation goal for Spurs after Son Heung-min’s penalty attempt was denied.

The Reds are down to a promising start this the Premier League season, gaining their fifth straight win in this game. It became clear that they will be seriously concentrating on the title in this season after they topped up the team with such players as Xherdan Shaqiri, Virgil van Dijk, and Alisson.

It has been a tough game for Spurs, as they went in without some of their most influential players – Dele Alli and Hugo Lloris. After their previous 3-0 win against Manchester United, they seemed to be the ones favoured in this game. However, the odds went against them, as they couldn’t cope with the Reds’ dominant midfield play.

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