Leicester City get defeated by Manchester City in the Premier League

Manchester City got another win in this campaign against Leicester City by a 0-2 score on 18th of November.

Leicester City showed a strong resilience against the league leaders, but they succumbed before the break as Gabriel Jesus opened the score from close range.

Kevin de Bruyne doubled the score from Leroy Sane’s delivery four minutes after the break. Manchester City maintains their eight-point advantage in the Premier League, despite that the follow-ups, Manchester United, defeated previously Newcastle by a 4-1 score.

There is no doubt that Manchester City’s boss, Pep Guardiola, will go hard this season and try to gain everything that he couldn’t in the past. There is hardly a side that could match their performance and results which is now a 33 goal difference in the league.

The visitors did well this time, but it was evident that something was offbeat as they struggled to score in the first half.  Sane and David Silva tried to score but no success, following with Sterling’s effort, which also concluded without a result. As the side tried to desperately gain the advantage, their captain, Vincent Kompany, who returned recently from an injury challenged Jamie Vardy almost getting a red card.

The Foxes seemed to be unlucky in this encounter, as all their powers concentrated on defence, failing to muster a single shot. After the first two goals, Manchester City was becoming more aggressive, and there was little what Leicester could do besides trying to secure an optimal defence and reduce the possibilities of conceding more.

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